New Menorah - Fall 5764/2003

New Menorah
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Dear Readers,

In this New Menorah we have tried to gather some broad-gauged essays on the meaning and the practice of transformation, forgiveness, and reconciliation for the Days of Awe that are soon to come -- and some briefer essays with specific practices for spiritual growth that might enrich the liturgy or the larger
context of the congregation.

We begin with four articles on the broader questions: One of my own, putting this year in the historical-spiritual context of God's dance of Control and Community; an elegant piece on how to embody the tradition's teaching toward personal transformation and reconciliation sent in by an unknown author (if you know the source, please contact me!); ; an essay by Rabbi Shefa Gold on how experiencing God as the Great Mother casn open up our spiritual healing; and one by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi on the great spiritual healing that our society and planet need today.

Then follow a series of briefer essays on specific practices, ranging from a new version  of the song "Hu Yaanenu, May You Answer Us," to a new way of tapping on the inner resources of our hearts, to exploring the possibility of changing our names on Rosh Hashanah, to the meaning of the Jonah and Isaiah haftarot for Yom Kippur, and several others.

With blessings for a new year that for you is sweet because in it you bring good into the world and your own heart,

Shalom, Arthur
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