New Menorah - Fall 5764/2003

New Menorah


By Rabbi Arthur Waskow *

Transformation and Reconciliation
[This essay was sent to New Menorah, but we cannot find its author or address.]

Returning to the Great Mother
Thoughts for Rosh Hashana
By Rabbi Shefa Gold *

Carrying Light into Dark Times:
A Greeting to Graduates
By Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Breathing the Festivals
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Redeeming Tashlikh, the Earth, & Our Misdeeds
By  Rabbi Arthur Waskow

May You Answer Us!
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

New Year, New Name?
By Rabbi  Arthur  Waskow, drawing on teachings of Rabbis Zalman
Schachter-Shalomi, Sheila Weinberg, and Jeff Roth

For Our Sins -- a Gentle Heart
By Leon Olenick 

The Leopard in Isaiah
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Jonah, God, & the Castor Bean Tree

A new kind of Jewish martyr, dying for Kiddush Hashem
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Reconciling Isaac & Ishmael
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

My Name is Uncle Sam, & I'm an Oiloholic:
Drug Dealers, Oiloholics, and the Burning World
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

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